“Michael Wilson’s poetry is at once magical and yet grounded; his writing manages to transcend normalcy, while remaining focused on what should very much be everyday matters: mental health, wellbeing, identity, and a post-millennium mal de siècle. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Michael read in public many times over the years, always coming to the stage with a humble type of gravitas, one who knows and trusts in the power of words. He is an accomplished writer and performer, one I would be happy to watch and listen to on any day, in any season.”

– Colin Dardis

“Michael Wilson’s poetry is a person to person revelation of his experiences. Although organised in a powerful sweeping beat, it retains its intimacy. It is a humane poetry that is a pleasure to read and listen to every time. Michael’s poetry is like the poet himself, human kind.”

– John G Hall

Do something to make this world more beautiful, says Michael Wilson. And he does. He really does.”

– Tony Walsh

“I’ve grown within and about Michael’s work for years now and it’s been a wildly organic literary journey. Always a confidently bold poetic ideas man but now something’s happened to his skill and confidence around all that. I genuinely believe he’s become the poet/artist always so tantalisingly there. That special thing linking imagination to physicality has now manifested…. He’s cooked.”

– Gerry Potter

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